When installing new entrance control solutions it can sometimes be difficult to visualise how the finished installation will look. Through 3D software Meesons are able to generate visuals to give you a representation of how the finished installation could look within your building, removing uncertainty from your decision making process.

The image below was taken of an entrance area where Speed Gates were required to securely manage the flow of authorised users.

To create a 3D visual all we require is a high resolution image of the area where the product is to be installed, along with the chosen model and any additional features such as finish, edge lights, lift call or ramps. From this a 3D visual can be created to match your specification enabling you to see how the Speed Gate would look once installed.

The image below features a 3D visual of 2 lanes of EasyGate SPT-G Speed Gates, with Pegas Gate and surface mounted glass infill panel overlaid onto the original image to create a representation of how the finished installation will look.

The comparison below shows the difference between the computer generated 3D render and a photograph of final installation.

If you have a current or future project that requires Speed Gates and would like a visual representation of how the finished Installation will look. Contact the Meesons team today on 0870 787 7846 or enquiries@meesons.com
Meesons’ 3D visuals help clients visualise entry access