With police reporting a large increase in the number of criminals who either tailgate their way into an office or force their way through the door by breaking the magnetic lock1, now is the time to make sure your entrance security is up to the job. However, as important as it is, security isn’t the only consideration for building owners because any entrance control system has to look good and cope with the throughput of people.

Facility managers, too, may have particular concerns over who is entering the building and in certain cases will need to know exactly who is present, for example, during an emergency evacuation.

Speed GatesIf your organisation is experiencing any of the following concerns, then it may be a good time to talk to us about replacing your entrance control system:

1. The current entrance control system is creating a bottleneck at busy times

One of the most common reasons why security specifiers approach us is because their client has an issue with the volume of users passing through their existing entrance control system when they arrive for work in a morning and leave in an evening. This can be either because they’ve grown as a business and taken on new staff, or the existing system is simply not capable of coping with the number of people due to its age or technological limitations.

The latest Speed Gates can enable a high throughput of people, up to 40 people per minute, with tailgating detection. The quick opening and closing speeds of our EasyGate range enable an increased number of transits per minute, whilst the silent and smooth MDD motor ensures any operational noise from the Speed Gates is kept to a minimum. The incorporation of features such as lift call can also help to alleviate bottlenecks at busy times.

2. You are worried about security risks such as tailgating

This is where an unauthorised person gains access to the building by closely following the person in front. It can be carried out innocently, when an employee tries to save time searching for their own security credential such as an ID card or badge, or by someone with malicious intent. The problem is you can’t tell, and so the only solution is to ensure your Speed Gates or Security Portals prevent anyone trying to tailgate their way into the building.

Tailgating detection on Speed Gates can be increased through a greater number of sensors, which can minimise false alarms. Options to add anti-vault detection sensors can aid and alert security personnel. Our Security Portals can also incorporate anti-tailgating technology to prevent tailgating attempts to provide 24/7 secure access.

3. You want to improve the look of your reception or lobby area

Often, customers are looking for an entrance control system that complements their existing interior design scheme. Through the use of 3D software we can provide visuals to show the Speed Gates within a chosen area of the building. This requirement is particularly important in grade A offices, retail environments and corporate headquarters where the entrance area creates an impression of the organisation.

As a result we have developed a wide range of bespoke options that can be specified with our Speed Gates and Security Portals. For instance our Speed Gates can be personalised by selecting a RAL colour, a material cladding or a finish to match the design scheme, or alternatively we can integrate the company logo into the design or incorporate it as part of a glass manifestation.

Our EasyGate Elite is the latest in Speed Gate innovation and combines high security and style in an elegant slim line design. Finished in a RAL White Gloss with edge light illumination makes it a real focal point in a modern reception or office environment.

4. You fear a forced attack on your premises

If you are concerned that your building is vulnerable to criminals then you should specify a physical entrance barrier such as a Security Portal that meets either, or both, Secured by Design and LPS 1175 standards.

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the national Police initiative to help design out crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes. Our C3 S1-S3, C190 S1-S3, E1G and FPJ140 2SX Security Portals are accredited by Secured by Design (SBD). In order to achieve Secured by Design status, they had to adhere to rigorous test standards required by the police.

The SBD logo is the only symbol that guarantees Police accreditation of a product, providing architects, developers, specifiers and end users with reassurance that our C3 S1-S3 & C190 S1-S3 Security Portals offer them an independently accredited level of resistance to criminal attack.

LPS 1175

LPS 1175 is another important security standard for physical entrance barriers such as Security Portals. Again, our C190 S1-S3 Cylindrical Security Portal recently became the first in the world to gain approval to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 7 Security Ratings 1 to 3.

Our C3 S1-S3 and C190 S1-S3 Security Portals achieve a Security Rating of SR1, SR2 and SR3. The LPS1175 approved Security Portals provide resistance to determined attempts of forced entry using a range of techniques including those that involve creation of noise. Our SR3 approved C3 S3 and C190 S3 Security Portal incorporates bullet resistant glazing to BR3/S EN1063.

Choosing our C3 & C190 Security Portals mean that you benefit from a physical entry barrier that not only provides a proven level of resistance but also provides an inviting look for customers, staff and visitors. The C190 Security Portal also features configurable transit settings to provide flexibility on throughput and security.

5. You need to know who is on your premises at any given point

Increasingly, facility managers need to know who is in the building at any given point in time. In the first instance, its good practice, knowing that everyone has left the building for the night means it can be securely locked down. All our Swing Gates and Security Portals can be integrated with Building Management Systems so facility managers can verify who is present.

Controlling who has access to secure areas and specific rooms once people are inside the building is important too. Airports, laboratories, data centres and shopping centres are a good example of this, and here it may be necessary to install Swing Gates and Security Portals, depending on the levels of security needed, at various points/ layers inside the building.

Software linked to the Swing Gates and Security Portals can enable transits to be scheduled or remotely controlled.

Whatever the reasons for wanting to upgrade your physical entry barrier and if you’ve experienced any of the above, now is a good time to talk to us. Call us on: 0870 787 7846 or email: enquiries@meesons.com

1 Burglars behind bars after a spate of office break-ins https://bit.ly/2MgLyjo

5 signs that you need to upgrade your physical entry control system