For modern office developments with a large number of staff and visitors transiting through the building, particularly multi-tenanted high rise building’s, managing the flow of people at peak times of day has become a key challenge.

EasyGate BV with Integrated Lift Call Control

An effective way to smoothly manage the flow of people and reduce overcrowding in key areas such as the reception is to integrate the Lift Call Control with an Access Control System.

Once the user has presented identification the access control system verifies the users details and the lift is called with the user notified as to which lift they should take. This results in shorter waiting times for the user and less overcrowding in the reception area and lift lobby. Gone are the days of employees having to press a button and wait for the lift to arrive, the Lift Call Control systems simplifies the transiting process for the user and enables a smoother flow of people through the building.

Lift Call Control Integrated into the Speed Gate cabinet

Personal profiles can be also be set for users so that when the user presents their identification it will automatically schedule a lift to take them to their home floor or most frequently visited floor. To change their destination to access other floors, the user simply presents their ID at the terminal and selects a different destination, the system will then advise the user which lift to take.

The Meesons range of EasyGates Speed Gates can be integrated with the Lift Call control feature. This can be either surface mounted or seamlessly integrated into the Speed Gate cabinet. Meesons Speed Gates are access control neutral and are compatible with all major lift manufacturers.

How can you manage the flow of people more effectively?