PRODUCT: EasyGate DG SECTOR: Grade A Office CLIENT: London & Scottish Property LOCATION: Manchester After acquiring 9 Portland Street in Manchester, London & Scottish Property was faced with a major £1 million refurbishment programme to bring the 6 storey building up to a high quality standard. Working within the constraints of a listed building, London & Scottish Property’s main objective was to complete the renovation programme at an accelerated pace while creating a prestigious environment which would prove attractive to new tenants. As part of this brief, the property managers needed to balance the security requirements presented by multiple tenant occupancy with the efficient throughput of volume traffic. Recognising that the original sliding wing speed gates were no longer fit for purpose, London & Scottish Property consulted Meesons to identify a more effective secure access solution.
With space at a premium in the refurbished reception area, Meesons recommended the EasyGate DG speed gate. Much smaller than the previous wing turnstiles, the EasyGate DG offered a less intrusive yet secure access solution. Moreover, as building access was controlled by a key fob solution, which designated reception entrance and tenant office access; the EasyGate DG seamlessly integrated with this existing control system. From initial design through to installation, Meesons worked closely with London & Scottish Property to ensure smooth project progression. A total of 4 lanes were installed, which included bespoke glass infill barriers between the lanes to prevent unauthorised access.
Since welcoming the first tenants in 2015, 9 Portland Street has successfully let the majority of the building and now regularly sees over 450 people a day passing through its doors. Property Manager for the building, comments: “We made a significant investment in bringing the building upto standard and as part of this, safe and secure access for tenants was a critical design factor. The EasyGate DG speed gates have proven to be a reliable solution which also complement the aesthetics of our reception environment. The high levels of throughput we experience means efficient access is as important as security – and the EasyGate DG delivers on both counts.” “From a building management perspective, it’s great that we can keep the number of visitors having to sign in to a minimum. We simply allocate access fobs to authorised tenant staff members allowing them to access the building with ease and to integrate with the buildings access control system. While this creates a more welcoming working environment for the tenants, we are also confident the building is safe and secure.” “We’ve had an excellent experience of working with Meesons and would not hesitate to work with them on future projects where we need a responsive and quality provider of secure access solutions.”