PRODUCT: EasyGate SG SECTOR: Grade A Office CLIENT:          West Midlands Combined Authority LOCATION:    Birmingham
Following a detailed site survey, Meesons identified that the floor composition would not support ductwork or major drilling – which ruled out most standard secure access solutions. Addressing the challenge of limited space and the known restriction to floor works, Meesons specified 4 lanes of EasyGate SG 1000.
As a low profile and compact Speed Gate, the EasyGate SG 1000 was an ideal fit for the reception area. Moreover, by customising the specification with a low-profile ramp system, the installation of the EasyGate SG 1000 easily accommodated the existing floor build-up.
Interfacing with the flooring contractor, Meesons incorporated carpet fixings on to the ramp profile, which enabled the floor finish to be fitted directly to the ramp section. In doing so, Meesons improved the speed and ease of the installation of the specified carpet to the low profile ramp.