For many businesses, corporate colours form part of a strong brand identity, and certain colours are synonymous with particular brands. These corporate colours are used across branding, logos and office décor which include the reception area.

With this in mind we have developed a new lighting feature that enables you to customise the lighting on your Speed Gates to match your corporate colours as part of your entrance control. This feature works with our edge light, wing light and access light technology, enabling you to assign different colours to the different modes of operation. For example; Emergency, Entry/ Exit lane guidance or Standby

The video below shows Speed Gates flashing red following receipt of an emergency input signal. This type of effect could also be used if the sensors detect an unauthorised user attempting to tailgate or piggyback an authorised user.

As well as customising the colours to suit different modes, it is also possible to add a lighting effect to personalise your entrance control . The video below shows lane guidance lighting effect where a light pulse indicates which lane the user should use. This feature can be used when the Speed Gate is waiting for the user to present their ID or on entry when a signal is received from the access control.

Lighting effects include:

  • Emergency/ Warning Lights – the light provides a visual indication of a tailgating attempt by an unauthorised user or an emergency signal
  • Guidance Lights – the light guides the user to which lane they should transit through
  • Passage Lights – the light indicates to the user if the passage/ lane either side of the Speed Gate cabinet is available to transit through
  • Standby Lights – a solid or pulsing light can be used to indicate which lanes are operational

The video below shows the Speed Gates featuring the Standby Light effect, designed to indicate to users which lane of Speed Gates are in operation. The type of lighting effect; speed, colour and brightness can all be altered depending on the client’s preference.

Further lane guidance can be provided by the top lid light feature. The top lid light is capable of displaying several lighting features, including Guidance Lights, Passage Lights, Emergency Warning and Standby Lighting. The software allows you to select any RGB colour, making it easy to match the light to your corporate colours.

Lighting is just one of the ways in which you can personalise your Speed Gates. We can also provide options to incorporate your logo or corporate colours into the access light or manifestation on the glass wings. To find out more about these options click here

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Customisable Lighting