Whether a building has been constructed for use as a public facility, such as a museum or library, or for mixed use, commercial or residential purposes, developers, owners and building managers have a responsibility to protect the people and assets within.

Entrance security is therefore an extremely important aspect of any development, and a good entrance control and anti-tailgating system can be the first step to protect a property and its occupants.

When it comes to choosing an entrance control and anti-tailgating solution the most appropriate system depends on the specific entry points that you are looking to secure. For buildings that have a medium to high volume of traffic, Speed Gates are a popular choice, because they provide the optimum combination of performance, high throughput and aesthetics.

However, before specifying Speed Gates, there are a number of factors to take into consideration:

1. Do the Speed Gates prevent tailgating?

Tailgating, where a person gains entry to a building or restricted area without presenting valid security credentials (e.g. ID badge, biometrics or pin), is likely to be the weakest point within a building’s security; so it is important to ensure the entrance control solution has been developed to prevent this from happening.

A considerable amount of effort has gone into developing entrance control solutions to prevent unauthorised entry through tailgating. These latest devices work by only permitting one person to enter or leave the building at once using an intelligent physical barrier incorporating sensors that detect when an unauthorised person attempts to piggyback their way into the building.

It is critical that tailgating detection is accurate and reliable, eliminating false alarms, to provide Security Managers with confidence in the chosen solution. Through the use of up to 40 pairs of infra-red sensors incorporated within the Meesons range of Speed Gate’s, across dual level sensors, accurate detection is provided when someone attempts to follow the person in front, with the glass wings closing swiftly. A dual lock brake system with a high holding force (in excess of 650N) locks the glass wings and provides a robust barrier to entry.

To increase the level of security the Speed Gates can also be supplied with a unique intelligent ‘Anti-Vault’ pressure sensitive cabinet top feature. The feature will sound an alarm and/or alert to the Security Team via an output to the access control system / CCTV or Meesons supplied software (T-Mon) should a person use the cabinet to attempt to climb over the glass wings. High glass wings can also act as a further deterrent to climb over attempts.

2. Does the system integrate with third party devices?

Our range of Speed Gates can be supplied with fully integrated third party devices. These can range from lift call, ticket readers, QR readers, through to facial and fingerprint recognition. All our entrance control solutions are access control neutral, enabling the integration with existing building management systems.

As standard we provide a ‘fail safe’ feature that links up to the building’s fire system and activates during an emergency.

3. How many lanes do I need?

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), states that the number of barriers should be worked out using the following formula (based upon 15% of the building population entering/exiting the building in a five minute period):

Total Installation Capacity (per Minute) = (Building Population x 15%) / 5

So, if there are 100 people entering/exiting a building during a five minute period, and you are looking to specify a Speed Gate with a throughput of 40 people per minute, the minimum number of Speed Gates recommended would be 3 lanes (100 people / 40ppm = 2.5 lanes).

However, it is recommended that you consult a reputable manufacturer or security consultant for further advice as there may be other factors you need to consider.

We can provide advice to help guide you on the right solution to secure your building to ensure employees can enter and leave swiftly and securely.

4. Can I specify a bespoke design?

Creating a bespoke entry barrier is a great way to accentuate the design aspects of the building or reflect the client’s branding. At Meesons we can work as your design partner to create and deliver a bespoke solution. We can work with you to manufacture a personalised product that meets your client’s aesthetic and corporate branding requirements whilst maintaining a secure line.

Meesons Speed Gates can be personalised by selecting a RAL colour or bespoke finish or material to match the company branding, integrating a logo into the product design or including a logo as part of glass manifestation. We can also incorporate LED wing light technology so the colour of the Speed Gate glass wings can be adjusted to match the corporate colours.

    Speed Gates, Turnstiles, Meesons  Speed Gates

5. Does the system meet the required standards?

Standards and guidelines provided by the BSIA states that the design of the access control system should take account of the Equality Act 2010 (which replaces the Disability Discrimination Act), so that physical aspects permit goods and services to be accessible to disabled people. This sets minimum widths for the Speed Gate lanes and any requirements for a shallow ramp. With passage widths up to 1150mm the Meesons range of EA compliant Speed Gates provide a comfortable passage width opening with accurate tailgating detection for all users.

Speed Gates, Turnstiles, MeesonsIn addition, all access control solutions must meet strict safety regulations and building standards. All of our entrance control solutions are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards from design, build through to installation, which demonstrates that we have the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The options available to increase the levels of building security are continuously developing, particularly when it comes to physical entrance control barriers. Before choosing an entrance security solution for your development or building, take the above points into consideration and ensure that you work with a supplier that can not only provide a system that is fit for purpose, but is also aesthetically pleasing and meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Five things to consider when specifying speed gates