Meesons provide a range of Speed Gate features to enhance your security and provide added levels of resistance to unauthorised personnel;

  • High Holding Force prevention of forced entry with a holding force in excess of 650N
  • Laminated Glass Wings – increased resistance to forced entry with 15mm toughened laminated glass
  • Tall/ Low Glass Wings – glass wings from 50mm above the finished floor level up to 2000mm high, prevents climb over or climb under attempts
  • High Tailgating Detection – up to 36 pairs of infra-red sensors provide accurate tailgating detection
  • Security Settings – five levels enable maximum security through fast closing gates
  • Anti-Vault Detection – an alarm output alerts security to any vaulting of the Speed Gates, on entry or exit
  • 3D Cabinet Top Lids – a ridged cabinet top reduces the event of the cabinets being used as a platform to vault the glass wings
  • Infill Barriers – additional glazing or infill barriers can be provided to complement the range of security features listed above.
How you can increase the security of your Speed Gates