The LPS 1175 security ratings are set by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), which works closely with the police, government, insurers, risk consultants and architects to develop its standards. The LPCB’s standards and approvals for security products are recognised across the globe and it undertakes rigorous technical evaluation work and quality audit processes to ensure the security products it approves deliver proven levels of protection. LPCB approval ensures that security products provide the reliable delay and means of detection required to protect against intrusion.

During testing, testers use a range of tools, as listed in the categories below, to attack the sample product. As the security rating increases, the size and weight of tools required to compromise the products also increase. The testing is extensive and exhaustive.

Category A tools – used for tests to SR1 to SR3
This tool category are selected in order to simulate an opportunist attack by bodily physical force and using easily concealed tools.

Category B tools – used for tests to SR2 & SR3
This tool category provides a more determined opportunist attack by bodily physical force and
tools with a higher mechanical advantage.

Category C tools – used for tests to SR3
This tool category is for a deliberate forced entry of well-protected premises using bodily physical force and a wide selection of attack options.

Details of the Security Ratings, the tools used and the attack times are summarised below.

To reach each security rating level, the Security Portal must not be breached up to the maximum working time set (the amount of time the product is actually in physical contact with a tool during an attack). During testing multiple methods of attack are attempted, and the product is only rated once it has survived all combinations of tools and methods considered.

List of tools used for the different categories

SR1 Rating

Adhesive tape
1 Cable cutter – 150mm long
Fishing line (e.g. polypropylene multi fibre)
Flexible plastic coupon
1 Glass cutter
Hexagon wrenches – selection 120mm long
Hooks, punches, wire, rope
1 Knife – blade 125mm long x 3 mm thick
1 Lever – 0.7kg/300mm long
Pliers (including self-gripping) – selection 200mm long
1 Screwdriver – 6.5mm diameter/square x 150mm long
Spanners – selection 150mm long
Wood/plastic wedges

SR2 Rating

1 Bolt cutter – 350mm long
1 Claw hammer – 350mm long/0.7kg
1 Drill bit (6mm diameter jobber – HSS/HSCO/Carbide)
1 Hand drill – 400mm long/1.5kg
1 Junior hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades
1 Metal plate shears – 200mm long
1 Multiple slip joint pliers – 250mm long
1 Pipe wrench – 250mm long
Pliers (including self-gripping) – selection 250mm long
1 Screwdriver – 7mm diameter/square x 250mm long
1 Screwdriver – 14mm diameter/square x 400mm long
1 Tube – 38mm diameter x 300mm long

SR3 Rating

1 Axe – 350mm long/1.5kg
Brick bolsters – 250mm long x 75mm wide blade
Cold chisels – 250mm long x 25mm wide blade
1 Crowbar – 700mm long/2.5kg
1 Drill (cordless with rotary action only)* – 7.2 V DC
1 Drill bit (10mm diameter jobber – HSS/HSCO/Carbide)
1 Gas torch (Butane/Propane)
1 Hacksaw plus 2 HSS blades
1 Hammer – 400mm long/1.5kg
1 Pad saw plus 2 HSS blades
1 Scissor jack – 750kg capacity, 100mm minimum retracted, 200mm stroke
Wood chisels – 250mm long x 25mm wide blade

* All cordless power tools are fully charged with a spare power pack.

LPS 1175: Issue 7 Approved Security Portals

Reproduced courtesy of BRE Global Ltd 2015