The Meesons range of Rexon full height turnstiles provide a high quality and robust anti-tailgating security solution.

Meesons full height turnstiles are designed for entrances where there is a need for a high degree of security without manned monitoring. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, the Rexon range of full height turnstiles come in a variety of designs for pedestrian, wheel chair users and bike access entrance security. The Rexon range can be tailored to your company’s style with a wide range of accessories, RAL colours and finishes available.

The Rexons’ sealed motorised drive provides greater reliability, lower maintenance and faster, easier throughput than traditional mechanical units. Suitable for applications such as stadiums, construction, industrial and warehouse sites the Rexon range provides an ideal entrance solution.

Rexon Basic Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon Basic

ERA Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon ERA 3

Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon ERA DUO 3

Full Height Turnstiles, Perimeter Turnstiles

Rexon ERA 3 Bike Gate

Rexon ERA 4

Rexon ERA 4-LE

Rexon ERA DUO 4-LE

Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon DEA 3

Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon DEA DUO 3

Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon DEA 3 Bike Gate

Rexon DEA 3 Gate

Rexon DEA 4

Rexon DEA DUO 4

Full Height Turnstiles

Rexon Glass

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