The C190 Cylindrical Security Portal is our largest portal and is specifically designed for busy areas with high throughput replacing the need for a revolving door. The Security portal can either be used as a high security interlocking door to prevent tailgating or as a prestigious entrance way allowing the transit of multiple people at the same time – increasing throughput and allowing for quicker transit times, at the push of a button.

Main Features

  • Interlock or simultaneous transit configuration
  • Sliding doors can be operated by radar sensors
  • Configurable transits modes (e.g. day/ night mode)
  • Wide 1200mm entrance access


  • External Diameter: 1915mm
  • Internal Diameter: 1740mm
  • Entrance Width: 1200mm
  • Internal Height: 2030mm
  • External Height:
    • 2365mm S Version
    • 2330mm R Version

Portal Weight with different glass types 

  • P2A: 900Kg
  • P4A: 980Kg
  • P6B & BR3: 1320Kg


  • S Version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip Floor mat
  • Emergency unlocking device
  • Fail secure
  • IR safety sensors
  • Internal LED light
  • Fire alarm signal

Security Ratings 

  • FB2/NS EN 1522 Top Canopy
  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure


  • Vandal Resistant glass P2A-EN 356, 11mm


  • Service Mode Keyswitch or Console

Outer Finishing 

  • RAL Smooth Effect

Detection Devices

  • Infrared presence sensors
  • 2 Zone Pressure Mat

Push button, signals and remote access 

  • Intercom (included in the traffic light)
  • LED Traffic lights

Emergency Lever Options

  • Emergency lever, handle or crank

Versions available 

  • S Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
  • K Version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
  • R Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2325mm)
  • KR Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2325mm)
  • Extended Height Version

Security Ratings 

  • Attack Resistant Class 3 EN 1627-30:2000
  • Attack Resistant Class 4 EN 1627-30:2000

Glass Options

  • Vandal Resistant glass P4A-EN 356, 14mm
  • Vandal Resistant glass P6B-EN 356/
    Bullet Resistant glass BR3-EN 1063, 27mm


  • Additional Control Panel with Display
  • Emergency Exit Control Panel
  • 4” TFT monitor for Control Panel
  • Night Lock

Outer Finishing 

  • RAL Micaceous Effect
  • Polished/Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Polished/Brushed Brass
  • Wood
  • Marble

Detection Devices

  • APD - Anti Piggybacking Device
  • Metal detection control

Push Button, signals and remote access

  • Web LAN Control

Access control

  • Internal Alcove for Access Control Systems

Emergency exit options

  • Additional Internal Emergency Lever
  • Additional External Emergency Lever
C190 Cylindrical Security Portal