The C4 Cylindrical Security Portal is a double entry portal designed for use in high traffic areas where space is limited. Once inside the portal the user must pass APD ultrasonic checks for the secure side door to open. The C4 Security Portal is a true interlock system, the portal design prevents the inner and outer doors opening simultaneously. The C4 Security Portal features two independently operated portals, doubling throughput within one secure space saving solution.

Main Features

  • The unique design prevents the simultaneous opening of the secure and non-secure side doors.
  • Flexible entry and exit flow – programme the security portal to manage flow transit according to your hourly need
  • Minimal space with maximum transit – double transit capacity without doubling the footprint, saving 240mm*

*versus 2 x C1 Security Portals


  • External Width: 1750mm
  • Internal Diameter: 820mm
  • Entrance Width: 600mm
  • External Depth: 988mm
  • Internal Height: 2048 - 2050mm
  • External Height:
    • 2382mm S Version
    • 2320mm R Version

Portal Weight with different glass types 

  • P2A: 670Kg
  • P4A: 710Kg
  • P6B & BR3: 995Kg


  • S Version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip Floor mat
  • Emergency unlocking device
  • Fail secure
  • IR safety sensors
  • Internal LED light
  • Fire alarm signal (Unable to open external and internal door simultaneously)

Security Ratings 

  • FB2/NS EN 1522 Top Canopy
  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure


  • Vandal Resistant glass P2A-EN 356, 11mm


  • Service Mode Keyswitch or Console

Outer Finishing 

  • RAL Smooth Effect

Detection Devices

  • Infrared presence sensors

Push button, signals and remote access 

  • Intercom (included in the traffic light)
  • LED Traffic lights

Emergency Lever Options

  • Emergency lever, handle or crank

Versions available 

  • S Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
  • K Version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
  • R Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2325mm)
  • KR Version with 18mm base (Ext. Height: 2325mm)
  • Extended Height Version

Glass Options

  • Vandal Resistant glass P4A-EN 356, 14mm
  • Vandal Resistant glass P6B-EN 356/
    Bullet Resistant glass BR3-EN 1063, 27mm
  • Vandal Resistant glass P7B-EN 356/
    Bullet Resistant glass BR4-EN 1063, 31mm


  • Additional Control Panel with Display
  • Emergency Exit Control Panel
  • 4” TFT monitor for Control Panel
  • Night Lock

Outer Finishing 

  • RAL Micaceous Effect
  • Polished/Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Polished/Brushed Brass
  • Wood
  • Marble

Detection Devices

  • APD - Anti Piggybacking Device
  • Pressure Mat
  • 2 Zone Pressure Mat
  • Metal detection control

Push Button, signals and remote access

  • Web LAN Control

Access control

  • Internal Alcove for Access Control Systems

Emergency Lever options

  • Additional Internal Emergency Lever
  • Additional External Emergency Lever
C4 Cylindrical Security Portal