The slimline EasyGate SR speed gate is a minimal look design with a small footprint, ideal for receptions or corridors with limited space available. The SR speed gate is available in a compact 1000mm cabinet or extended 1400mm cabinet for added security.

Main Features

  • Fully customisable finish
  • Small footprint ideal for space restricted areas
  • Adjustable opening and closing speeds
  • Extended lanes for enhanced tailgating detection


  • Cabinet height: 990mm
  • Cabinet length: 1000/ 1400mm
  • Cabinet width: 200mm
  • Barrier height: 850mm

Number of Wings

  • 1 Wing / 2 Wings


  • Swing Gate


  • Glass Wing (10mm, tempered)

Number of Sensors

  • SR 1000 24 pairs
  • SR 1400 36 pairs

Passage Width

SR 1000 1 wing
  • Standard width: 550mm
  • Max passage width: 550mm
2 wings
  • Standard width: 650mm
  • Max passage width: 920mm
SR 1400 1 wing
  • Standard width: 650mm
  • Max passage width: 650mm
2 wings
  • Standard width: 650mm
  • Max passage width: 920mm

Base and Housing

  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Top Lid

  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Power Supply

  • 13.8V DC/ 24V AC

Communication Interface

  • RS-485/ USB/ Ethernet

Tailgating and Cross Over Detection

  • Yes

Climb Over Detection

  • Yes - electronic detection

Range of Operating Temperature

  • +10°C to +50°C
  • - 25°C to +50°C with heating module

Operating Environment

  • Indoor/ Outdoor with roof and protected electrics

Emergency Mode

  • Open manually or automatically (with optional power back-up)

Brake Control Function

  • Maximum brake force 650N (configurable to suit needs)

Custom Top Lid

Glass Panel Corian Stone Wood

Custom Base Housing

RAL powder coated steel Black/ Gold/ Bronze Stainless Steel

Optional Accessories

  • LED lane light (only 1400)
  • Wing light
  • Hinge capping
  • Custom Top Lid - Wood/ Stone/ Corian
  • Custom Base and Housing - RAL powder coated steel. Black/ Gold/ Bronze stainless steel
  • Low iron or Laminated glass wings
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EasyGate SR 1000 Drawing EasyGate SR 1400 Drawing To request a DWG drawing please contact us
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