One important consideration in any speed gate installation is whether the flooring composition will support the drilling and ductwork required to secure the speed gates in place. For installations where this is not possible speed gates can be surface mounted using the low profile galvanised steel Ramp LT.

Speed Gates, Secure Entrance Control
EasyGate HG with anti-slip Ramp LT & post mounted glass infill barriers

Ramps are ideal for installations where speed gates are being retrofitted to an area or where the client wishes not to impact the floor e.g. where underfloor heating has been installed, there is heritage flooring or where cutting into the flooring isn’t possible.

Minimal fixings
  • Ramps are designed to be surface mounted and in most cases the ramps will not need to be secured into the floor, allowing for less disruption to the finished floor. However speed gates with high glass wings will need to be secured to the floor through fixing points in the base surrounding the speed gate cabinets.
  • Securing the cabinets to the ramps makes it easier to redeploy the speed gates to new locations within a building or to move them to a different site with minimal disruption and rectification work, reducing overall costs.
Cable runs
  • Each ramp contains internal channels allowing the cables connecting the speed gate cabinets to be run through the ramps rather than underneath a finished floor, ensuring there is no need to disturb the finished floor or lay ducting.
Customised finish
  •  An anti-slip material surface is available as standard, however if you have a carpeted floor and want the ramps to blend in, carpet can be seamlessly fixed onto the ramps to match the rest of the floor.
EA compliant 
  • The shallow Ramp LT construction is compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and enables easy access for wheelchair users through the speed gate lane.
Speed Gate Ramps