Alluser Industrie

Alluser Industrie was founded in 1968, with the aim to design and manufacture quality security products. Acknowledging the need for secure entrance solutions which matched the changing conditions of the market. Alluser developed one of the most innovative integrated systems of security and access control, the Alluser Security Portal. Their wide range of Security Portals deliver a high level of security, without affecting the aesthetics of the building.



Cominfo was founded in 1990, since being established their aim has been to develop sophisticated Turnstiles, Speed Gates and Access Control systems. With a strong development team they have pushed boundaries, both technically and from a design perspective. Offering more customisable solutions to meet the highest technical and aesthetic demands.


FASTCOM Technology

FASTCOM Technology provides security solutions and security technical consulting services. Active since 1997, FASTCOM has renowned customers worldwide in markets such as finance, digital payTV, governments, credit card industry, datacentre, luxury goods and secure manufacturing. Their SMACS technology provides a reliable solution for multi-flow, high performance and flexible anti-tailgating, based on a multi-sensor strategy.


Perimeter Protection Group

Perimeter Protection Group (PPG) offer a portfolio of internationally crash rated High Security products; which includes crash gates, wedge barriers, bollards, road blockers and type tested quick folding gates, sliding gates and swing gates. With extensive experience since 1951, PPG are one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for perimeter security and access control of vehicles and pedestrians, offering solutions for a variety of areas.