Meesons understand the need to grow and develop your knowledge and skills so we have created our very own RIBA CPD course especially for you.

Meesons are recognised as the UK’s innovator in tailgating prevention. Our RIBA CPD Assessed Material focuses on the subject of Creating Secure Entrances. The course will cover:

Creating Secure Entrances – Preventing Unauthorised Access (tailgating)

  • Understanding tailgating
  • Why we should care about tailgating
  • Solutions to prevent tailgating
  • Industry standards/approvals
  • Integrating tailgating solutions into buildings
  • Installation options
  • New applications
  • The pros & cons of the different solutions

Our course has been designed to fit into your work schedule and requirements, so no matter how little time you have, you can still benefit from attending our course. The course can be delivered at your office at a time to suit you.


RIBA CPD Course Lunch Hour – tailored to fit over your lunch break and delivered at your premises. We also include a working lunch with this course.

RIBA Core Curriculum: Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering.


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