For many companies tailgating, where a person gains entry to a building or restricted area without presenting a valid security credential, is likely to be the weakest point within their building’s security. In fact, it is more common, and much easier, for an unauthorised person to gain access into a facility by closely following another person through the entrance, rather than duplicating security passes or hacking an IT system.

In the majority of cases tailgating happens innocently and is carried out by authorised personnel unwittingly. For example, when someone follows a colleague through a turnstile or speed gate without using their own pass, or when someone holds the door for another person, which people are inclined to do out of kindness. In an access controlled environment, however, this can cause major problems as it allows would-be intruders to gain easy entrance into the building.

Despite, in most cases, tailgating occurring innocently, it can put your company’s assets and staff safety at risk, should an intruder with malicious intent enter the building this way. In some cases it could result in sensitive data being stolen from your IT systems, or simply taking valuables from cloakrooms.

If your business relies heavily on paid membership, like a gym for example, people may resort to tailgating to gain free entry. This results in a loss of revenue for your company, which if it became a regular occurrence by multiple users it could be damaging to your profit margin. It is for these reasons that we have put a considerable amount of effort into developing a range of physical access control systems that prevent tailgating by only permitting one person to enter or leave the building at once. In fact, we have supplied and installed over 400 security portals at budget gym sites across the UK.

Choosing an access control solution that’s right for you and for your business depends on a number of factors. The starting point is usually an assessment of the overall level of security risk, which will determine the kind of physical entry access required, and with it the level of anti-tailgating technology. Factors that influence this are whether your entrance is monitored by security personnel or reception staff and the number of people entering and exiting the building at any one time.

Here are just a few of the options that we offer:
Security Portals – Ideal when unmanned access control is required

Security portals are standalone highly secure air-lock units which provide an extremely effective barrier to prevent tailgating. They are a good choice where 24/7 unmanned access control is required. Our security portals incorporate APD (Anti Piggy Backing Device) which scans the portal with an ultrasonic sensor to ensure that only one person has entered. If more than one person is present in the portal, an alarm is triggered and the transit is denied. APD is therefore highly capable of detecting whether there is more than one user in the Portal at any one time.

For higher security facilities we can also offer alternative glazing and an enhanced portal structure, including anti-vandal and bullet proof specification, if necessary we can also incorporate metal detectors into the portal.

Speed Gates – Perfect for mixed use buildings

If your building is a mixed use, commercial or residential development, where a more aesthetically pleasing installation is required, Speed Gates are a suitable choice. We incorporate anti-tailgating into these through the use of sensors that cause the glass wings to close on unauthorised users who attempt to follow closely behind.

We also have the ability to enhance the level of security by incorporating additional security features such as high glass wing gates and pressure sensing tops to avoid turnstile vaulting.

Speed Gates, Turnstiles, Meesons

We can also add a variety of third party access control devices including biometrics (facial recognition, touchless technology etc). In addition we can customise the design of the gates to seamlessly integrate with the interior of the building or make a statement.

It is worth noting that a ‘fail safe’ feature that can be activated during an emergency, avoiding the need for a separate emergency exit, and can be incorporated into any of our Speed Gate designs.

SMACS – Ideal for when you require no change to your building’s infrastructure

SMACS (Smart Access Control System) can be discreetly installed or retrofitted with minimal disruption, making it the ideal option if you’re looking for an access system that does not impact on your buildings physical features.

The system uses a multi-sensor that can be easily integrated into your buildings infrastructure and access control system. By interfacing with your existing access control system, SMACS quickly scans a predefined area to ensure the user/s, and or goods, meet the credentials before enabling access to the secure zone. In the case of more than one person trying to enter at the same time, the door remains locked until only one person remains in the scanning area. SMACS is a highly flexible multi-flow solution with configurations that can be tailored to meet your security needs.

The technology is able to provide a solution where other more traditional forms of anti-tailgating, such as turnstiles, speed gates and portals are not suitable. For example, if yours is a listed building and you are therefore unable to add a physical barrier due to building restriction. SMACS discrete installation means that there are minimal changes needed to the building, whilst it is possible to install the technology within new buildings it is also possible to retrofit this. The system requires minimal supervision and can also integrate into a video IP surveillance platform.

Bar Turnstiles – A cost effective solution

Bar turnstiles, which comprises a barrier arm that is installed at waist height and is electrically-controlled using an access card, are also an option. Our newer solutions such as the Bar One Unipod provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution to the traditional Tripod Bar Turnstiles and is also available as a wide access lane.

These are just some of the anti-tailgating devices available in our comprehensive range of security access systems.

It is worth noting that secure access systems are not just for use at the entrance of a building. Adding several layers of security through a combination of internal and external products can undoubtedly increase the level of safety, protect restricted and sensitive areas of a building, which can also include areas such as bicycle parking facilities, and help to make your staff and customers feel more secure.

Entrance control systems are an essential solution for preventing tailgating and protecting your staff and company assets from intruders. Even the most advanced IT security system can be rendered pointless unless you tackle the simple issue of tailgating first. The design of our entry control systems now enables tailgating prevention to be tackled without impacting on the appearance of your building or being over facing for the general public or users.

If you would like further information on any of our products or to discuss your individual security requirements, please contact a member of our team on 0870 787 7846 or email:
How to Tackle Tailgating