Anti-tailgating Solutions

From Turnstiles and Secure Portals to our intelligent SMACS system, Meesons have an anti-tailgating solution to suit your organisation and budget. Our range of anti-tailgating solutions are access-control-neutral to enable integration with existing building control systems.


Security Portals

Security Portals, otherwise known as man traps or air locks, offer a very high secure entrance. By only allowing one person to transit through the interlock at any one time, the portal ensures access to authorised users only. Through a unique anti tailgating solution known as APD, ultrasonic sensors scan inside the portal to ensure that only one person has entered the portal. Security Portals provide a 24/7 unmanned secure entrance solution enabling authorised users access day or night.

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Our EasyGate range of turnstiles, also known as speed lanes or speed gates, offer you a stylish and graceful anti-tailgating solution.  Meesons offer a wide range of turnstiles to suit all requirements.  From waist height to full height, bar to speed gates we have a solution for you. Selected models within our range can be mounted on platforms to avoid damage to your floor and can provide a wider passage width, even in tight spaces to give users much higher passage comfort.

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SMACS – Sensor based

SMACS is a highly flexible multi-flow solution designed to prevent tailgating. Using a multi-sensor system SMACS can be seamlessly integrated into the buildings infrastructure and access control system. SMACS is designed to manage the flow of authorised users, whether it be a single, multiple or wheelchair users, with or without goods and still offering you the highest level of security.

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