SMACS (Smart Access Control System) is a highly flexible multi-flow solution designed to prevent tailgating. Using a multi-sensor system, SMACS can be seamlessly integrated into a buildings infrastructure and access control system. SMACS is the natural anti-tailgating solution to complement any identification system, such as ID cards and biometric sensors. The highly flexible SMACS system enables the configuration to be tailored to meet your security needs. For example, with configurations such as one directional access to include entry or exit only and bi-directional access including entry and exit.

SMACS is the missing link in access control and can provide an anti-tailgating solution where other more traditional forms of anti-tailgating are not suitable. SMACS is a highly effective anti-tailgating system for applications where organisations don’t wish to impose physical barriers or must not impact on the buildings physical features, i.e. listed buildings. With it’s discreet installation no change to your buildings infrastructure is required, meaning SMACS can be installed or retrofitted with minimal disruption.

SMACS is designed to manage the flow of authorised users whether it be single, multiple or wheelchair users, with or without goods and still offering you the highest level of security. SMACS is available in the following solutions;

  • SMACS Mat – goods-only access. SMACS Mat is a highly secure goods-only transit airlock in a multi door environment. Multiple sizes of goods can be handled with adjustable levels of security, thus preventing anyone from using the goods airlock to gain access into the secured area
  • SMACS Flex – flexible multiple door access. SMACS Flex provides high security protection against tailgating whilst allowing for flexible security processes to meet the individual needs of your business. For example, SMACS flex can manage the flow of goods such as hand-luggage and allow for one directional access to include single entry or free exit.
  • SMACS Flex Mat – flexible multiple door access for goods plus user.  SMACS Flex Mat provides secure material transit in a multi door environment for up to pallet size items (larger sizes available on request).
  • SMACS 1 Door-TS – single door airlock. SMACS 1 Door-TS is the reliable solution for automatic, highly secure and flexible anti-tailgating in front of a single door.
  • SMACS Lift – access to secure floors from a public floor. SMACS Lift is installed within the lift, providing access to a secured floored for more than one user as long as they all have correct access rights.
  • SMACS Multi-Entry – high-throughput two door airlock. SMACS multi-entry provides secure anti-tailgating where there is the need to have numerous users accessing the secured area in a single transit. SMACS multi-entry can allow for levels of security that vary accordingly from day to night, or define, as a parameter, the maximum number of users allowed to transit at the same time to the secured area after having been identified.
  • SMACS Entry – a high-throughput single door anti-tailgating solution. SMACS Entry can allow for visitor management or perform detection based on a virtual airlock.

(H) High      (M) Medium      (L) Low      (•) Available      (—) Not Available

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