SMACS 1 Door-TS is a high security anti-tailgating solution creating a single door airlock. Sitting in front of a single door SMACS 1 Door-TS is suited to a wide range of applications and can be easily retrofitted into the existing infrastructure.

Main Features 

  • Allows the passage of up to 5 people per minute
  • Access approval decisions made in seconds
  • Easy to retrofit or relocate
  • Suitable for wheelchair access

The user must stand in the designated scanning zone and provide valid authentication, once approval has been granted the door will unlock, allowing the user to transit into the secure area. In situations where the user has hand luggage, or a bag , this must be placed in the designated material scanning area before standing in the user scanning zone and presenting authentication. In situations where an unauthorised user is detected the door will remain closed until the unauthorised user has moved away from the scanning zones.

Processing Unit Dimensions

  • 300 x 200 x 70 mm

Cabinet Dimension (Optional)

  • 600 x 600 x 210 mm


  • Network, Standalone

Hardware Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP

Sensors Compatibility

  • Analog, Network, TOF, Thermal, Laser, IR

Guidance (Optional)

  • Traffic lights, Audio-Visual

Maximum Airlock Size

  • Unlimited  (sufficient cameras required)

Minimum Airlock Height

  • 2.50 m

Access Control Interface

  • Wiegand, TPC/IP, RS 232/485

Alarm Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts, TCP/IP

Power Supply

  • 110-230Vac 150-500W

Size of Singularisation Zone

  • Minimum 1.5 m x 1.5 m

Optional Security Processes for Tailgating Detection

  • Visual guidance
  • Secure management of hand luggage
  • Live status monitoring
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Additional internal cameras
  • Customisable mode  – one way or bi-directional control/ timed modes

Technical Specification and Brochure

SMACS 1 Door-TS Technical Specification SMACS Brochure
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