SMACS Entry is a high-throughput single door anti-tailgating solution.  SMACS Entry is typically installed in front of a single door and detects tailgating as users pass through the checking area. Suited to a wide range of applications SMACS Entry can be easily retrofitted into the existing infrastructure.

Main Features

  • High-throughput anti-tailgating detection
  • Fast access verification process
  • Easy to retrofit or relocate
  • Suitable for wheelchair access

Working as a single entry solution over a doorway SMACS Entry will only allow the door to be opened if the person in the scanning zone is alone and has the correct access rights. If two people approach the doorway together the SMACS Entry system will not allow the door to be opened until one person steps outside the scanning area. Access will then be granted to an authorised user. In a situation where an authorised user is followed by an unauthorised user through the open door, the event will be recorded and an alarm will be raised with the building’s security. Where the transit of multiple authorised personnel is required, SMACS Entry will allow access to all users who present their relevant ID to the access control device. Should a user fail to present an authorised ID, SMACS Entry will record the event and an alarm raised with the building’s security. Alternatively SMACS Entry can be configured to create a “virtual airlock” where the door remains open. Should an unauthorised user attempt to pass through the doorway, an alarm output will be generated and the event will be alerted to the building’s security.

Processing Unit Dimensions

  • 240 x 165 x 70 mm

Cabinet Dimension (Optional)

  • 600 x 400 x 150 mm


  • Standalone

Hardware Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts

Sensors Compatibility

  • Analog, thermal, laser, IR

Guidance (Optional)

  • Traffic lights, Audio-Visual

Ceiling Height

  • 2.50 m - 4m

Access Control Interface

  • Wiegand, dry contact

Alarm Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts

Power Supply

  • 110-230Vac 60W

Size of Singularisation Zone

  • 1.5 m x 1.5 m

Optional Security Processes for Tailgating Detection

  • Visual guidance
  • Live status monitoring
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Additional internal cameras
  • Customisable mode  – one way or bi-directional control/ timed modes

Technical Specification and Brochure

SMACS Entry Technical Specification SMACS Brochure
If you are unable to find a solution to meet your security needs, please contact a member of the Meesons team.
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