SMACS Lift has been specifically designed to provide secure anti-tailgating detection for lift access to secure floors. SMACS Lift is suitable for applications with single or multiple lift users.

Main Features

  • Easy to integrate into existing infrastructure
  • Customisable to company specific applications
  • Unique lift tailgating detection
  • Suitable for wheelchair access

A user enters the lift and presents their ID for verification. The SMACS system scans the lift to verify that only the authorised user is present, following verification the lift doors will close and the lift will proceed to the next floor. In situations where an unauthorised user is detected an alarm will sound and the lift will remain stationary. Once the unauthorised user has exited the lift the doors will close and the lift will move to the next floor. When more than one user enters the lift all users must present their ID's for verification. The lift doors will not close until all users ID's are authorised. In the event that one user's ID is not authorised, the lift will remain stationary until all users are verified.

Processing Unit Dimensions

  • 240 x 165 x 70 mm

Cabinet Dimension (Optional)

  • 600 x 400 x 150 mm


  • Standalone

Hardware Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts

Sensors Compatibility

  • Analog, thermal, laser, IR

Guidance (Optional)

  • Audio-Visual

Ceiling Height

  • 2.50 m - 4m

Access Control Interface

  • Wiegand, dry contact

Alarm Interface

  • Digital I/O, dry contacts

Power Supply

  • 110-230Vac 60W

Size of Singularisation Zone

  • 1.5 m x 1.5 m

Optional Security Processes for Tailgating Detection

  • Visual guidance
  • Live status monitoring
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Additional internal cameras
  • Timed modes
  • Visitor Management

Technical Specification and Brochure

SMACS Lift Technical Specification SMACS Brochure
If you are unable to find a solution to meet your security needs, please contact a member of the Meesons team.
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