The FPJ140 2SX is an extremely secure interlocking door system ensuring that your secure area can only be accessed by authorised personnel. The FPJ140 2SX High Security Portal is a half portal designed to sit flat with an existing wall or door opening to create a flush wall installation. The wide 885mm door provides a spacious entrance whilst preventing unauthorised access. The FPJ140 2SX High-Security Portal has been Approved for UK Government Use, for details contact NPSA.

Main Features

  • High Security interlocking system
  • Approved for UK Government Use (National Protective Security Authoritative)
  • Space-saving half portal design
  • Automatic Sliding Doors


  • External Width: 1868mm
  • External Depth: 1000mm
  • Internal Width: 1280mm
  • Internal Depth: 920mm
  • Entrance Width: 800mm
  • Internal Height: 2030mm
  • External Height: 2365mm

Approx. Weight

  • 810kg

Versions available 

  • Pre-built version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2365mm)

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip Floor mat
  • Emergency crank
  • Fail secure
  • IR safety sensors
  • Internal LED light
  • Fire alarm signal
  • Rescue push button
  • Emergency Battery Back-up

Security Ratings

  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure


  • Service Mode Keyswitch (secure side) or Console (hard-wired)

Outer Finishing

  • RAL Powder Coated (sliding door frames RAL 9005 – Black)

Detection Devices

  • Infrared presence sensors
  • APD - Anti Piggybacking Device

Push button, signals and remote access

  • Intercom (included in the traffic light)
  • LED Traffic lights

Technical Specification and Brochure

Meesons Security Portal Brochure Attack resistant high security portals

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FPJ140 2SX High Security Portal