Image of the worlds first Security Revolving Door certified to LPS1175: Issue 8

The Rev190 is a high security, fully automatic 4-wing, bi-directional Revolving Door. The Rev190 is the world’s only Revolving Door certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8 up to C5 (SR3).

It is specifically designed for busy areas requiring an increased throughput whilst maintaining maximum security at all times, which no other Revolving Door can provide.

Main Features

  • Certified to LPS1175 Issue 8, even when rotating
  • Anti-piggybacking detection
  • Configurable transits modes (e.g. day/ night mode)


  • External Diameter: 1911mm
  • Entrance Width: 1200mm
  • Internal Height: 2060 / 2135/ 2300mm
  • External Height: 2220 / 2295/ 2460mm (Recessed)
  • External Height: 2290 / 2365/ 2530mm (Surface Mounted)
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Rev190 Security Revolving Door