The Meesons Speed Gate Sub Frame solution simplifies the process of setting out Speed Gate lanes, resulting in a more efficient and 100% accurate installation. The Sub Frame can be installed into the sub level or on to finished floors, manufactured to the exact dimensions required. The Zintec steel engineered design enables integration with any Meesons Speed Gate model. Cabling is securely routed through the framework providing a flexible, accessible cable route with ample space for contractors and system integrators.

Main Features

  • 100% Speed Gate installation accuracy
  • Seamless floor finishing- finished floor runs under the cabinet
  • Efficient installation of Speed Gate lanes
  • Easy and protected cable routing
  • Site specific design and manufacture
  • Zintec steel frame significantly enhances structural integrity


Slab to floor level
  • Minimum depth: 50mm
  • Maximum depth: 800mm
Speed Gate Sub Frame