If you’re looking for inspiration for secure entrance control solutions, then take a look at some of our recent projects.

Francis Crick Institute

“We are delighted with the Security Portals and Speed Gates Meesons have provided, the stylish design of the solutions complement the building’s modern appearance, and the low power consumption ties in with our sustainable vision. Meesons have succeeded in providing an added level of secure access”

55 Colmore Row

“We are delighted with the Speed Gates Meesons have delivered, there unique design brilliantly complements the reception area helping to create a stunning focal point when entering the building, whilst providing an added level of security to prevent unauthorised access.”

5 Broadgate

“The speed gates, have been highly reliable and have more than coped with the high level of throughput we experience.The low power consumption ties in well with our sustainable vision for 5 Broadgate. Meesons have succeeded in delivering a bespoke speed gate solution that delivers on both security and aesthetics”.

EasyGate HGBlavatnik School of Government

“The students and staff are very happy. We’ve succeeded in providing secure access to a high profile building – without making people worry about the environment they are entering. The Meesons turnstiles look great and perform really well – they strike an excellent balance between security and aesthetics.”

Pure GymPure Gym

“From the initial specification and design support they provided, they have put our specific requirements at the forefront of service provision. The C4 as a solution has been integral to our 24/7 access model and its reliability and robustness have ensured excellent operational continuity.”

13VIRTUS Data Centres

“The customer is delighted with Meesons FPJ140 2SF Security portal, which has operated continuously since installation and complements the overall look and feel of the data hall which is a key hub in their worldwide IT operation.”

9 Portland Street

“We made a significant investment in bringing the building upto standard and as part of this, safe and secure access for tenants was a critical design factor. The EasyGate DG speed gates have proven to be a reliable solution which also complement the aesthetics of our reception environment.”

London Data Exchange

“The portal is a perfect fit for us as it stops tailgating, is easy to use and operate and is high in quality. It ensures that procedures are enforced to the letter as no client can gain access without a valid ID card and by passing the biometric checks, which are done when the visitor is actually inside the portal.”