Secure sites and buildings may contain sensitive information or zones.  Security Portals are often the favoured security solution as they only allow the transit of one person at a time, eliminating the threat of tailgating and ensuring your site remains secure. Meesons can provide a range of Security Portals, with attack and bullet resistant specifications. We can also provide Security Portals which protect against attack from fire.

When it comes to attack from fire, very few portals are able to offer any real kind of resistance. Fires in the workplace can have a devastating impact on businesses. The potential loss of lives, and to a lesser extent data, can mean that some organisations never recover from a fire. If appropriate prevention measures are not in place then fires can spread rapidly.

Meesons offer two fire resistant Security Portals, which can allow you to maintain the integrity of your fire line and slow down the spread of fire whilst also keeping your premises or sensitive areas secure from unauthorised personnel. Unlike fire doors which generally don’t offer any form of tailgating detection, Security Portals will only allow the transit of authorised users. Any attempt at tailgating behind an authorised user will be detected and the secure side doors will remain locked preventing the transit.


Both Security Portals are able to offer a high level of resistance against fire attack, helping to contain the fire and stop it spreading rapidly, greatly reducing the amount of damage that the fire can cause. The duration of resistance provided by the Security Portals of 60 to 120 minutes ensure there is more time for staff to escape, and more time for the fire services to tend to the fire.  The Security Portals can be linked to the fire alarm systems, so that in the event of a fire alarm the doors will be opened allowing staff to exit freely. The Security Portals are also provided with battery backup so in the event of power loss staff will still be able to use the portals to exit the building.

The Meesons range of Security Portals will offer effective protection from fire attack, but to ensure that your staff and premises are as safe as possible it is critical that they are used as part of a much wider fire safety strategy.

FPJ140 1AF 

FPJ140 2SF


Tested and Certified to EI60 or EI120 as per European Fire Resistance norm: EN 13501-2
& EN 1634-1:2014.

Fire resistant 
Resistant to fire for either 60 or 120 minutes, offering resistance from fire attack from one or both sides (refer to individual model specifications).

Attack/ Bullet resistant
Increased security ratings up to Attack Resistant Class 3 & 4, EN1627-30:2000 or Bullet resistant glazing up to BR4–EN 1063.

Available for new buildings and retrofitted into existing openings to create a secure fire line.


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Fire Rated Security Portals